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We get that some of our subscribers are square pegs - so we also make square holes. If you need a particular set of questions answered, specific to your region, vertical sector or challenge, ask us about tailored products.

Tailored Data Insights

5 ways you'll change your mind on RPA after implementing it

RPA is set to change the business services landscape. But how do perceptions of RPA change once users have actually implemented an RPA solution? Find out in our latest RPA industry survey...

5 ways you'll change your mind on Robotics Process Automation (RPA) after implementing it

Evolution of Captive SSCs & BPOs in the Iberian Region

The Iberian region, encapsulating Spain and Portugual, has a long history as an attractive shared services location for European and African companies looking to nearshore their services. Play with the data to understand the functions and industries that are being serviced across the region, including city drilldowns, and understand the patterns in cross-industry Shared Service Center growth over the past 15 years.